The year 2018 marks exactly 70 years since the British scientist of Hungarian descent Dennis Gabor invented the first hologram. In doing so, he opened a very rich and beautiful chapter in the great book of physics. Thanks to the new possibilities brought by lasers after 1960, hologram fever took hold in America and still lasts today.


Text: Leoš Kopecký, Photo: IQ Structures    (about IQ proID)

One of the leading technologically advanced companies producing truly unique holograms today is the Czech company IQ Structures, which has created a beautiful and symbolically very appropriate hologram with the face of Louis Armstrong to mark the 70th birthday of the hologram. Unfortunately, Louis Armstrong only lived to the age of seventy, and yet he managed to enrich the world and influence the musical style of the century in an unforgettable way. Everyone knew and loved Louis Armstrong, except for the few trumpeters, his competitors, who tried to defeat him on stage, “to cut him” as musicians put it, which they never managed to do. “Louis was determined that nobody would cut him, and apparently nobody ever did. He always fought back, blistering his opponent so badly that he would sink into the shadows and leave the club” writes James L. Collier.

Yet, he was always humble and shy, was embarrassed by accolades and remained modest. His mission was to give people joy through this music and, in fact, he did something for others his whole life. Because he did not have a simple childhood himself, he created a simple philosophy of life he had never abandoned. He said, “life is like a trumpet, if you do not blow it, nothing will come out.”

The text of one of Armstrong’s hit songs What a wonderful world:

The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky

Are also on the faces of people going by

I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do

They’re really saying I love you

The hologram from the Czech company IQ Structures, combined with the IQ proID technology, which allows for original graphics, a combination of transparent and metallic security features and other previously unfeasible solutions, brings a new style to the fight against counterfeiting, just as Luis Armstrong brought to the stage in the past century.

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